TNA iMPACT Results – January 19th, 2016

We see Drew Galloway’s heel turn after losing to Ethan Carter III in the lead-up to Bound For Glory, and then Moose’s victory over Aron Rex for the Grand Championship. They’re both backstage, they’re both…WALKING, and they’ll face off for the Grand Championship tonight!

Grand Championship Match: Moose vs Drew Galloway

The bell rings, and we’re off with Round 1. They match power with shoulderblocks, they trade chops, neither man gets an advantage, and Moose drills Galloway in the face with a dropkick. Galloway gets a boot to Moose’s face, ducks a clothesline, goes for a crossbody, and Moose catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Galloway dodges a corner charge and hits a short piledriver for 2. Drew calls Moose a son of a bitch and slaps him in the face, and they trade shots as the clock winds down to end the round. Borash announces that Drew Galloway wins the first round, and the second round is up after the commercial.

We’re back, and round 2 goes to the floor almost immediately. They trade shots, Drew tries a charge and runs right into a bicycle kick from Moose. Galloway nails Moose back and gives him an AA onto the ring apron. Moose isn’t amused, and powerbombs Drew on the apron in retaliation. Moose collapses after delivering the move, and both men are down on the floor. They both barely beat the count with about a minute and a half left, and Moose hits a pop-up powerbomb, senton, but misses the Lionsault. Drew gets the Iron Maiden with 45 seconds left, and Moose is fighting to hang on…he gets to his feet, but Galloway takes him back down and Moose avoids tapping until the bell rings.

Borash announces that the judges called the second round for Moose. I don’t know where they got that, and even the announcers agree with me. They trade blows in the middle of the ring, Drew blocks the Game Changer, Moose hits a big boot, Galloway responds with one of his own, Drew comes off the top and flies right into a dropkick from Moose. Galloway blocks another Game Changer, mule kicks Moose in the ding ding, and Moose goes down. The ref stops the clock to check on Moose and deducts a point from Galloway. Moose makes it to his feet, the ref restarts the match, and Galloway immediately hits the Claymore for the win.

Winner and NEW Grand Champion: Drew Galloway

Drew makes good on his promise and wins HIS title on the first attempt.

TNA iMPACT Results – December 22th, 2016

TNA World Title: Drew Galloway vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy is challenging and gets a headlock takeover out of the corner to take over early. Drew comes back with an overhead belly to belly and Hardy is already in trouble. The champ is sent outside for a dive from Hardy and we take a break. Back with Jeff getting two off a Twist of Fate but taking too much time going up and getting superplexed down.

The Claymore gets two and they head up top for what looked to be a super powerslam from Drew but Jeff reverses into something like a hiptoss. Another Twist and the Swanton get two on Drew so Jeff sends it outside and puts Drew on the steps. The Swanton hits knees though and it’s a quick Futureshock to give Drew the pin at 14:18.

Winner: Drew Galloway

TNA iMPACT Results – December 8th, 2016

In the Impact Zone, we open to Moose on his way to the ring. Last week, Moose defeated Aron Rex to claim the Impact Grand Championship in a stunning first-round victory. A bit of a “you deserve it!” chant in the Impact Zone as Moose grabs a mic. He says he dedicated most of his life to team sports where you play for a prize. And now the Impact Grand Championship is the first big Championship he’s ever won, and he didn’t do it alone; he dedicates it to the Impact Zone, and swears that he’ll be a fighting Champion. Cue Drew Galloway!! Galloway comes out to the ring, emo hoodie intact and he slowly makes his way to the ring.

Galloway says that he’s been gone for awhile, and he and Moose passed like ships in the night. Does Moose even know who he is? Drew wants Moose to say his name. Moose says he’s the man that interrupted him; Drew Galloway. “You’re damn right…” says Galloway. Aw, isn’t it great when everyone recognized that they watch the same TV shows? Drew says he’s back. Drew says they made that Championship for him, but he was injured while he was carrying the weight of the company on his back. As far as Drew is concerned, everything that’s happened so far with the Impact Grand Championship is like the NFL pre-season. But when Drew steps into the ring to fight for his Impact Grand Championship, that’s the Super Bowl. Drew knows he won’t have to twist Moose’s arm, he knows Moose likes a fight just like Drew. They can go, under these rules, they could have a match of the year. Drew pulls out a lighter and asks if they’re gonna burn this bitch to the ground. Moose leaves it to the crowd, and they all start chanting “Moose!” Moose and Drew go nose-to-nose, but are interrupted by Aron Rex.

Rex congratulates Drew on coming back. He says he’d come down and shake Aron’s hand, but he doesn’t want Drew to get injured again. While Drew was away, Aron became the first – and best – Impact Grand Champion until he was robbed by Moose. He wasn’t ready, Moose caught him off guard, and… is 3 seconds really enough to determine who wins a match? No, it isn’t. Aron Rex threatens to sue the audience for ritual harassment if they don’t stop booing him. He’s going to invoke his rematch clause.

Bound For Glory 2016 Results

Video is shown from earlier in the day of Bobby Lashley and EC3 arriving to the arena…. We now go backstage and McKenzie Mitchell interviews Drew Galloway. Drew talks about his disappointment in reading the doctors report about his injury. How disappointed he is that TNA management wouldn’t let him compete tonight vs Aron Rex. Drew goes off on Billy Corgan’s history and says that the only reason, Corgan is buying the company is because TNA has Drew Galloway. Drew refuses to recognize The Impact Grand Champion because it won’t be him.

Drew Galloway Unable To Compete on Sunday At Bound For Glory

Drew Galloway Unable To Compete on Sunday At Bound For Glory

Drew Galloway suffered an injury while training for his IMPACT Grand Championship Match at Bound For Glory against Aron Rex. While it looked like Drew would be cleared in time for Sunday and Bound For Glory, that unfortunately isn’t the case. At his scheduled doctors visit this morning, Drew was not cleared for competition.

Drew had this to say to, “I’m upset. Clearly. This sucks. I love nothing more than wrestling and this is a match that will make history. The fact that it was against Aron Rex made it even sweeter. I’ll be watching this match closely from the Impact Zone. Aron Rex got lucky. No one can keep me from being there on Sunday.”

There is no timetable for Drew’s return. We wish him a speedy recovery.

An announcement is forthcoming as it relates to an opponent for Aron Rex on Sunday.

Rex stated, “It’s unfortunate. Drew deserved this match. We will meet again. I’m focused on Sunday and finding out who I will face. I want to make history as the first Impact Grand Champion.”

Stay close to for more.

TNA iMPACT Results – September 30th, 2016

Lashley introduces his 1st teammate as Drew Galloway. EC3 chooses Aron Rex as his 1st teammate. Lashley follows with The Miracle Mike Bennett. EC3 follows with Moose. Lashley introduces his 3rd teammate as Maria Kanellis Bennett. EC3 does the expected thing and picks Gail Kim. Lashley tells EC3 that his team is being led to slaughter and that when he picks the stipulation for BFG. He is going to destroy EC3. Ethan responds by saying that he is the guy to beat Bobby Lashley despite not being anything like him. He says that he must win the TNA world title. Lashley responds that EC3 has beaten big stars but none of those men can match up to him. Lashley says that he is going to end EC3’s career and that he will have nothing left. As Bobby is leaving the ring. EC3 challenges Lashley to be the first competitor in tonight’s Lockdown match with him. Lashley accepts.


EC3 enters the cage first. Bobby Lashley’s music hits and he comes out. Lashley teases coming down to the ring but instead Mike Bennett is introduced and faces off with EC3 first. Lashley didn’t live up to his promise. 5 minute clock starts. Then once someone enters. There will be a 2 minute clock. Lashley’s team won the toss. So they are up next. Weapons are hanging all over the cage. They are to be used once all participants have entered and the cage door is locked. TNA’s warped version of War Games.

The match start off as an evenly contested battle with both Carter and Bennett exchanging the advantage in the first 5 minutes of the match. The clock runs down. Out comes Drew Galloway for Team Lashley. Drew and Mike beat down on Carter as the show goes to break. Back from the break. Team Lashley is still beating down EC3. The clock runs down and out comes Aron Rex to even the odds. Rex comes in on fire. Attacking both Bennett and Galloway. EC3 finally gets back to his feet and goes after The Miracle. He takes him down and then goes over to Rex to help him against Galloway. The clock runs down and out comes Lashley. He hits a neck breaker on Rex. He then beats up on Carter and snap suplexes him. Lashley starts directing his partners in the cage. Lashley and Bennett pummel Carter on one side of the ring while Drew beats down Rex in the other. Clock runs down and here comes Moose to even the odds.

Moose splashes both Bennett and Galloway in the corner. He then springs onto the top rope and dives onto both of them. Moose then goes after Lashley and knocks him down with repeated strikes. Drew Galloway rises and attacks Moose from behind and takes him down. All 6 men going at it. The clock runs down and Maria enters as Team Lashley’s final entrant. Maria stays at ringside and says that she is not ready to come into the ring. Bennett is ok with his wife not getting involved. Tells her to stay right where she is. The obvious ends up happening. Gail Kim arrives. She chases Maria around and then forces her into the ring. Gail has Maria in her sights. Maria uses her husband as a shield and then she escapes the cage. Gail chases after her and they head to the back.

The cage door is now closed for business. Lashley gets hold of a cane as the show goes to an abrupt break. Back from the break for the final minutes of this match. The weapons are now out and the heels have the advantage. Bennett with a chair, Drew with a trash can and Lashley with a cane. Rex, Moose and Carter are down on the mat getting beat down. Lashley huddles with his teammates and starts directing them. Carter gets hit several times with a steel chair by Bennett and then Galloway canes EC3. Team Lashley now turns it’s attention to taking out Rex. Aron fights back and throws Galloway into a trash can in the corner. Moose rises and hits a pump kick to Bennett. Team Carter now have the weapons and they take turns striking Lashley with them. EC3 has a lead pipe in his hands and has a direct shot at Lashley. As he prepares to strike him with it. Bennett sneaks up from behind and hits a cutter on EC3. Moose swings a steel chair at Bennett but misses wildly. Bennett kicks the chair into Moose’s face. Bennett then superkicks Rex who was holding a trash can lid. The Miracle then grabs a chair and heads to the top rope with it. As he is seated on the top rope, Moose rises and dropkicks the steel chair into Bennett. Drew attacks Moose and connects with his after shock DDT. Rex in with a chair and he takes out Drew.

Frantic pace. Everyone is laid out. Lashley is now up. He spears Rex and goes for the pin but Carter breaks it up. EC3 is now left alone with Lashley in the ring. They go at it. Carter throws Lashley into the steel cage repeatedly. He then drapes Lashley over the ropes and grabs a cane and repeatedly strikes Lashley with it. Carter hits Lashley with a TK3 but Lashley rises out of that quickly and hits a spear. Lashley locks in a submission and chokes out EC3 to get the win for his team.

Team Lashley defeats Team Carter

TNA iMPACT Results – July 28th, 2016

TNA iMPACT Results – July 28th, 2016

Backstage, Mike Bennett is with Moose. Bennett tells Dixie he is going to take over the company with Moose and beat Drew Galloway tonight. Moose says he is going to hit his opponent with the “gamebreaker” and does the moose chant.

Backstage, Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter are trash talking one another about potentially facing each other in the final.

Drew Galloway Vs Mike Bennett

As Drew Galloway makes his entrance and is headed towards the ring. He is attacked from behind by Moose and power bombed on the apron. The match starts with Drew injured inside the ring. Bennett tries quick covers to get the cheap win to no avail. The miracle dominates the early portion of this match targeting Drew’s injured back. Drew eventually rallies with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Drew then attempts to jump off the top rope but Bennett counters with a cutter for a near fall. Bennett has the advantage again in this match until Drew rallies late but the ref is accidentally knocked out. Galloway hits Bennett with a future shock ddt but there is no ref to count the pin. Moose runs out and attacks Galloway. Drew tries to fight back but gets caught in a sit out power bomb from the top rope. The referee, Brian Hebner is revived and begins the count but Drew kicks out at 2. EC3 comes out to even the odds and attacks Moose. He then goes in the ring to retrieve a kendo stick from Mike Bennett. Carter goes to hit Bennett but misses and hits Galloway instead. Bennett hits the M.I.P. On Galloway and pins him for the victory. On the outside of the ring, Moose takes out EC3 with a game breaker. As the show ends with Bennett celebrating.

Winner: Mike Bennett

TNA iMPACT Results – July 21st, 2016

TNA iMPACT Results – July 21st, 2016

Drew tells Carter that Ethan got his job because of his name while TNA came to Galloway to hire him and not the other way around like Ethan. Drew says he has been a main eventer since he has come to TNA. Drew says that the only way he and EC3 can meet in the BFG tournament is if they both get to the final. As they both prepare to fight each other right now rather than wait. Eli Drake comes out and cuts a pretty funny promo on both Carter and Drew using his catch phrases. Eli tells EC3 that he is going to beat EC3 in the first round of the tournament and that match is coming up next.

Drew Galloway Vs Bram

Physical start to this match between these two that eventually spills to the outside. They both battle to the top rope. They both take each other out and land on the top rope. They then exchange head butts and strikes in the middle of the ring. Drew hits a northern lights suplex. Bram counters after a shock ddt attempt by Drew for a near fall. Drew hits a big suplex, then tries the claymore on Bram but he counters with a power bomb and a near fall. Drew nails a future shock DDT off of the top rope for the victory. Galloway advances to the semi finals.

Winner: Drew Galloway

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