Backstage, Mike Bennett is with Moose. Bennett tells Dixie he is going to take over the company with Moose and beat Drew Galloway tonight. Moose says he is going to hit his opponent with the “gamebreaker” and does the moose chant.

Backstage, Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter are trash talking one another about potentially facing each other in the final.

Drew Galloway Vs Mike Bennett

As Drew Galloway makes his entrance and is headed towards the ring. He is attacked from behind by Moose and power bombed on the apron. The match starts with Drew injured inside the ring. Bennett tries quick covers to get the cheap win to no avail. The miracle dominates the early portion of this match targeting Drew’s injured back. Drew eventually rallies with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Drew then attempts to jump off the top rope but Bennett counters with a cutter for a near fall. Bennett has the advantage again in this match until Drew rallies late but the ref is accidentally knocked out. Galloway hits Bennett with a future shock ddt but there is no ref to count the pin. Moose runs out and attacks Galloway. Drew tries to fight back but gets caught in a sit out power bomb from the top rope. The referee, Brian Hebner is revived and begins the count but Drew kicks out at 2. EC3 comes out to even the odds and attacks Moose. He then goes in the ring to retrieve a kendo stick from Mike Bennett. Carter goes to hit Bennett but misses and hits Galloway instead. Bennett hits the M.I.P. On Galloway and pins him for the victory. On the outside of the ring, Moose takes out EC3 with a game breaker. As the show ends with Bennett celebrating.

Winner: Mike Bennett

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Drew tells Carter that Ethan got his job because of his name while TNA came to Galloway to hire him and not the other way around like Ethan. Drew says he has been a main eventer since he has come to TNA. Drew says that the only way he and EC3 can meet in the BFG tournament is if they both get to the final. As they both prepare to fight each other right now rather than wait. Eli Drake comes out and cuts a pretty funny promo on both Carter and Drew using his catch phrases. Eli tells EC3 that he is going to beat EC3 in the first round of the tournament and that match is coming up next.

Drew Galloway Vs Bram

Physical start to this match between these two that eventually spills to the outside. They both battle to the top rope. They both take each other out and land on the top rope. They then exchange head butts and strikes in the middle of the ring. Drew hits a northern lights suplex. Bram counters after a shock ddt attempt by Drew for a near fall. Drew hits a big suplex, then tries the claymore on Bram but he counters with a power bomb and a near fall. Drew nails a future shock DDT off of the top rope for the victory. Galloway advances to the semi finals.

Winner: Drew Galloway

July 24th, 2016  No Comments iMPACT Coverage

Drew Galloway is backstage and says he and EC3 are going to fight right now as we go to the break.

Drew Galloway enters the ring in street clothes and grabs the mic. Galloway states that he and EC3 go way back and he knows him well but Ethan is getting in his way of being the world champion. He calls out EC3 who also arrives in street gear. EC3 tells Drew that even though they were friends in the past and they may be friends in the future but tonight… Drew will be his “scottish puppy dog b**ch”……. EC3 charges the ring and the fight begins. They fight to the outside. Drew uses the barricade and then attempts a suplex on the floor, EC3 reverses it. The fight continues and a chair at ringside is introduced. EC3 grabs hold of the chair and throws it at Galloway. Drew rebounds and throws Carter into the ring post and then hits him with a steel chair. Both men battle all the way to the ramp area. They then fight into the backstage area, Agents, wrestlers and officials break them up from fighting any further.

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A special LIVE edition of IMPACT WRESTLING: Destination X.
On Tuesday, July 12, IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop is LIVE from Universal Studios Florida with Destination X, as the Stars of IMPACT WRESTLING’s signature high-flying, no-limits X-Division take center stage. And, in the Main Event it will be Title vs Title as X Division Champion Eddie Edwards faces TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley inside the six-sided ring. For the first time ever at Destination X, the winner of the Title vs Title match will walk away with the X Division and the TNA World Titles.

IMPACT WRESTLING on Pop MOVES TO ITS NEW REGULAR TIME SLOT on Thursday nights at 8/7c starting July 21 with a supersize extended episode. The adrenaline-pumping action-packed IMPACT WRESTLING serves as the kick-off to the Bound For Glory Playoff, where 8 IMPACT Stars, including former World Champions Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, EC3 and other top stars compete to become the #1 Contender for the World Title.

July 7th, 2016  No Comments iMPACT News, Preview

Next on the show is a sit down split screen debate between EC3 and Drew Galloway. They both air out their differences. The gist of the interview is how they are complete opposites both going for the same goal. EC3 challenges Drew to a fight next week at Destination X. He promises to kick Drew’s ass.

Footage is shown from last week backstage where Drew Galloway and EC3 get into a shouting match and brawl. The brawl is broken up by TNA officials. Josh Matthews announces that Drew Galloway and EC3 will have a face to face interview later tonight.

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July 7th, 2016  No Comments ICW Results

Mike Bennett is out with Maria and his X-Division title, which he says is his ticket to becoming TNA World Champion. Lashley comes out to assert his dominance. EC3 makes his way to the ring and runs down both men, particularly the manner in which Bennett won the X-Division title. William Corgan makes his way out and isn’t happy about EC3 questioning his integrity. EC3 says Bennett should defend his title tonight, and Corgan agrees. Bennett will face the winner of an X-Division battle royal. Lashley and Bennett attack EC3 and Drew Galloway makes the save, but accidentally hit EC3.

Backstage EC3 isn’t happy with Galloway, and the two have to be separated. Galloway runs into Mike Bennett, who claims he’ll beat any X-Division opponent put in front of him.

TNA World Championship: Lashley (c) vs. EC3 vs. Drew Galloway

Galloway and EC3 take turns stomping Lashley out, but then Galloway lets Lashley stomp EC3 out. Galloway rejects Lashley trying to work with him, and German suplexes Lashley while Lashley fallaway slams EC3. Galloway hits a couple of suplexes on Lashley, then EC3 and Galloway flatten Lashley with a double front suplex before EC3 dumps Lashley out of the ring.

Galloway does a scary looking flip onto Lashley, then EC3 jumps from the top rope to the outside on Lashley as well. Things break down and EC3 vs. Galloway goes down inside the ring, with both guys kicking at each other. EC3’s chest is busted open. Lashley shows up and hits a spinebuster on Galloway for two, then sizes EC3 up for a spear, only to eat a knee. EC3 gets the TK3, but is booted by Galloway. Lashley takes both out with the spear and pins EC3.

Winner: Lashley via pinfall.

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June 28th, 2016  No Comments iMPACT Coverage

Drew Galloway comes to the ring and calls out EC3. EC3 comes to the ring and apologizes, but Galloway says they need to fight. EC3 reassures Galloway it wasn’t a devious or malicious plan. They argue about what it’s like to lose the title, but EC3 says Galloway deserved to lose for putting himself in an unwinnable situation. Things get heated and they almost come to blows, but Lashley interrupts. Lashley puts himself over until Eli Drake comes out and says he’ll team with Lashley if he gets a title shot when they win. Winners get a World Title shot

EC3 & Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley and Eli Drake

Galloway catches Eli Drake with a belly-to-belly, but he and EC3 keep tagging themselves in to punish him. Drake pushes EC3 off and lands a neckbreaker, which allows Lashley to pick the bones. Lashley works over EC3, with Eli Drake coming in every so often and getting his licks in. Lashley has never been better in a pro wrestling ring than he has been during his current run in TNA, and it shows.

EC3 hits the TK3 on Lashley, allowing him to make the tag to Galloway. Everything breaks down and EC3 ends up hitting Drake with the One Percenter, before eating a spear from Lashley. Galloway sends Lashley outside and pins Drake.

Winners: EC3 & Drew Galloway via pinfall

Lashley tells Galloway backstage that he still holds all the cards and will kick Galloway’s ass whenever he wants. He later reiterates that point to EC3. Dixie Carter meets up with Lashley later and says he doesn’t get to make the decision.

June 22nd, 2016  No Comments iMPACT Coverage

Galloway says he’s still standing and EC3 needs to get to the back of the line because he wants his title back. Lashley says Galloway looks like garbage and he takes pleasure in the fact that he made him look like that. Drew says he feels and looks like hell. He says they went to war and Lashley beat him but he sure as hell didn’t break him. Lashley says Galloway will never beat him. Galloway reveals he’s using his rematch clause tonight and that will be the main event.

ackstage segment with Galloway and EC3 talking about their title shots against Lashley. Galloway says EC3 will get his title shot but it’s going to be against him. Galloway walks off on good terms with EC3.

Lashley approaches EC3 backstage. Lashley tells EC3 to watch close to what he does to Galloway tonight because the same thing will happen to him soon. Lashley walks off but EC3 tells him he’s coming.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley

We go to the ring and out comes Drew Galloway for his Slammiversary rematch. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley is out next. The bell rings and Lashley immediately goes for the taped up ribs.

Galloway fights back and ends up hitting a German into the ropes. Galloway with chops in the corner now. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Galloway fights Lashley outside of the ring with chops. Lashley drops Galloway over the barrier and breaks the count. Lashley steps on Galloway and sends him onto the steel steps. Lashley drops Galloway’s ribs on the apron. Lashley brings it back in the ring and they go back to the floor. Lashley stops to talk trash to EC3 but Galloway takes advantage and attacks. Lashley counters and whips Galloway face first into the ring post.

Lashley brings it back in with a big suplex. He exposes Galloway’s injured ribs and readies for a spear. Galloway counters and goes for an armbar but Lashley quickly makes it to the bottom rope. Lashley turns it back around and stands tall. He goes for another suplex but it’s blocked. Galloway drops Lashley with a neckbreaker and both are down now. Lashley misses in the corner and Galloway goes to the top. Lashley catches him in mid-air with a Crossface. It’s broken and they trade counters. Galloway hits a piledriver for a close 2 count. They end up on the top again. Galloway nails a super Celtic Cross for another 2 count. The referee ends up going down with a Claymore Kick from Galloway. Lashley hits a spear but the referee is down. Lashley picks Galloway up, smiles and hits another spear.

Lashley brings a steel chair in the ring but EC3 stops him. They have words and EC3 nails a clothesline. They fight and Lashley sends EC3 to the floor. He brings the chair back in but Lashley moves and EC3 hits Galloway over the back with the chair. Lashley spears EC3 out of the ring. Another referee runs in as Lashley applies the triangle on Galloway for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

June 15th, 2016  No Comments iMPACT Coverage
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